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Erleben Sie die pure Natur in Ihrer Aromatherapie mit unseren Hydrolaten - für ein unvergleichliches Dufterlebnis und eine gesunde Haut.


Get an incomparable feeling of freshness with our exquisite hydrosols. Our natural plant waters are rich in beneficial ingredients that moisturize your skin and give it a healthy complexion. Say goodbye to tired and stressed skin - our hydrolates revitalize your senses and have a calming effect on body and mind. Discover our extensive range now!
Bringen Sie Ihr Aromatherapie-Erlebnis auf die nächste Stufe mit unseren hochwertigen Hydrolaten - für tiefe Entspannung und Wohlbefinden.

What are hydrolates?

Hydrolates are formed during the extraction of essential oils through steam distillation. All fat-soluble and volatile components of the plant are concentrated in the oil. However, plants also contain many water-soluble components that collect in the distilled water, i.e. in the hydrolate.

Why aren't hydrolates better known?

In the past, hydrolates were considered a waste product from the manufacture of essential oils. Today, however, we know that hydrolates have similar effects to the respective essential oils. However, hydrosols are much gentler and therefore more suitable for sensitive people, babies and pregnant women. They are also perfect for long-term spa treatments.

How do hydrolates work?

Hydrolates are just as effective as their oily cousins, but much gentler. They are rich in valuable ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They also contain active ingredients that have a soothing, moisturizing and regenerating effect. Hydrolates can help to regulate the pH value of the skin and thus improve the complexion. They can also have a beneficial effect on inflammation, acne and redness. Hydrolates are also great for cleansing and toning the skin. They help remove dirt and excess oil and shrink pores.

What should be considered when buying hydrosols?

When buying floral waters, quality is the top priority. Only buy products from manufacturers you trust. Pay attention to the origin of the plants and the type of distillation. Hydrolates should be obtained from fresh plants and by steam distillation. They should also be free of synthetic ingredients and contain no preservatives.

When storing, it is important to store the hydrosols in a cool and dark place at a constant temperature, as these products are aqueous solutions that are more susceptible to germs than essential oils. It is best to buy products with a spray head so that less oxygen gets into the bottle.

Why is my Hydrolate milky? Is it spoiled?

There are both clear and milky hydrosols. This has nothing to do with whether a hydrolate is still good or not, but with the production. Milky hydrolates are more concentrated and contain more active ingredients. A milky-cloudy hydrolate is a quality feature. However, if you have doubts, you can test the hydrolate for its quality. Feel free to contact the manufacturer or retailer for more information.

What can hydrolates be used for?

Hydrolates are versatile and can be applied in different ways. Here are some application ideas:

Compresses: In the case of inflammation, sports injuries, sunburn or minor wounds, flower waters can be used as cooling pads.

Inhalation: Certain hydrosols can be inhaled for bronchitis.

Ingestion: Hydrolates are also suitable for oral use in spa treatments. However, they must be diluted with water in the right proportion.

Room scenting: Like essential oils, hydrolates can be used in fragrance lamps.

In addition, floral waters can also be used as facial or aftershave lotion, but also as an ingredient in homemade cosmetics or deodorants.

Which hydrolates are there?

There are a variety of hydrosols that are derived from different plants. Each hydrolate has its own active ingredients and properties that are tailored to the different needs of the skin. Here are some popular hydrolates and their effects:

Rose hydrosol: It has a calming and moisturizing effect and is therefore particularly suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

Lavender Hydrolate: It has a calming effect and helps with inflammation and skin irritation.

Hamamelis hydrolat: It has an astringent effect and is therefore particularly suitable for oily and impure skin.

Chamomile hydrolate: It has a calming effect and is therefore particularly suitable for sensitive and irritated skin.

Peppermint Hydrolate: It has a refreshing and cooling effect and is therefore particularly suitable for tired and stressed skin.

Lemon balm hydrolate: It has a calming effect and helps with redness and skin irritation.

Where can you buy hydrolates?

Hydrolates can be purchased at health food stores, drug stores, and online. However, it is important to only buy products from trusted manufacturers and pay attention to quality.

Entdecken Sie die wundersamen Eigenschaften von Hydrolaten in der Aromatherapie - für ein erfrischendes und belebendes Erlebnis.

Discover the benefits of hydrosols

Hydrolates are a wonderful addition to any skin care routine. They are gentle, effective and versatile. If you haven't tried a hydrolate yet, we encourage you to try one and discover the benefits. However, always pay attention to the quality and origin of the products and, if in doubt, speak to an expert. Try different hydrosols and find the perfect one for your skin needs. With hydrolates you can care for and pamper your skin in a natural way.

Frequently asked questions about hydrolates

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers on the subject of hydrolate. Discover more about its benefits, uses and properties to make the right choice for you.