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COVID-19 und OMEGA-3-Fettsäuren (Joachim Ahlers)

COVID-19 and OMEGA-3 fatty acids (Joachim Ahlers)

COVID-19 and OMEGA-3 fatty acids - brand new findings!

Dear patients and interested parties

The pandemic (COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2) is currently on everyone's lips.

We do not want to withhold from you the latest findings regarding essential fatty acids (omega-3 fatty acids) in connection with the virus defense in COVID-19 .


The supply of the important omega-3 fatty acids can be measured in the blood. The highly sensitive HS-Omega-3 Index provides information - the standard value is 8-11%. Unfortunately, values ​​in the range of 4-5% are often measured!


In countries whose population has a low average HS-Omega-3 Index (e.g. USA, Brazil or Great Britain), a particularly large number of people become severely ill with COVID-19. This is in contrast to populations in countries with a high mean omega-3 index, such as South Korea (1).


The anti-inflammatory effect of the two essential fatty acids EPA & DHA is assumed to be the mechanism of action. These are to be supplied to the body with food (therefore essential). They cause a lower cytokine reaction (“cytokine storm”, regulatory proteins in the microimmune system with an effect on inflammatory processes) and faster resolution of inflammatory foci (2). Numerous so-called intervention studies with EPA & DHA for the prevention and therapy of COVID-19 have already been started (3).


The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, together with its American sister laboratory, reported in preliminary form on January 8, 2021 on a new study. (4) The highly sensitive HS-Omega-3 Index was determined in 100 COVID-19 patients upon admission to the hospital. 75 patients had an HS-Omega-3 Index < 5.7%, in the other 25 an HS-Omega-3 Index > 5.7% was measured.

At the end of the inpatient treatment, 13 patients with an HS-Omega-3 Index < 5.7% had died (corresponds to 17.3%) and only one patient (4%) with an HS-Omega-3 Index > 5.7%.

So with an HS-Omega-3 Index > 5.7% the risk of dying was only about 25% compared to the mortality in people with lower HS-Omega-3 Index values. Due to the small number of patients, the data are still preliminary - work is being done on an analogous study.


In summary, it seems that a high HS-Omega-3 Index means a more favorable course of COVID-19.

In addition to vitamin D, zinc, Artemisia, vitamin C and Co, another top-class player can show its best side here in the context of the pandemic.

STAY HEALTHY - with omega-3 fatty acids. Gladly also on recommendation and with specific dosage instructions from one of our doctors at the Wise Medicine center. Appointment booking at

Yours sincerely, Joachim Ahlers, Senior Physician

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