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COVID-19 vorbeugen (Heinz Lüscher)

Preventing COVID-19 (Heinz Lüscher)

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still a topic that keeps us all in suspense worldwide. That's why we at WISE MEDICINE would like to give you some tips on how you can support your immune system naturally and holistically and hopefully get through this time well!

Our natural protection concept

First of all, we would like to tell you about our natural "protection concept" with vital substances. Of course, this list is not final, there are other vital substances that support our immune system in its important work.

Per day to support the immune system and prevent disease:

  • Vitamin D: 4000-8000 IU
  • Omega 3 Vida: 10ml
  • Magnesium Vida: 2x 1 capsule
  • Zinc Vital, Burgerstein: 2x 15 mg
  • Artemisia PET capsules (only in case of illness)

If, despite everything, you get symptoms of a viral infection (cold, flu, COVID-19 ...), start immediately (at the first sign) with Artemisia PET: 5-6x 2 capsules per day until the symptoms disappear. It is important to take the Artemisia capsules outside of meals (one hour apart) to get the full effect!

How does severe disease progression from COVID-19 actually come about?

The main causes that can be responsible for severe disease progression are a weakened immune system and severe chronic pre-existing conditions. In the case of a severe course of a COVID-19 infection, the immune system gets out of control. The dreaded “cytokine storm” occurs; it is an excessive release of inflammation-triggering messenger substances, so-called cytokines. Cytokines are special proteins that play an important role in the coordination of the immune system. When a pathogen enters the body, pro-inflammatory cytokines ensure that immune cells dock at the site of infection. The tissue is supplied with more blood and the immune system is activated. This is an important process in the body and normally this system is "shut down" again at the right time. But under certain circumstances, this is exactly what does not happen, as can be observed in severe cases of COVID-19. This can lead to acute lung failure (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). However, the excessive inflammatory process can also spread outside the lungs and ultimately lead to multiple organ failure.

That is why it is so important to holistically support the immune system in its work!

Support the immune system with vital substances

Vitamin D As already mentioned, people with certain underlying diseases have an increased risk of a more severe course of a COVID-19 infection. These diseases have one thing in common – they are often associated with low vitamin D levels. Especially in older people, who also belong to the risk group, vitamin D levels are often measured that are far too low. Because the most important source of vitamin D is the formation in the skin through sunlight, which, however, only works to a limited extent in old age. However, vitamin D is basically in short supply in our latitudes, and many people suffer from a deficiency. There are now dozens of studies that identify vitamin D deficiency as a possible indicator of severity and mortality from COVID-19 disease. Vitamin D has many important functions in the body, one of which is the regulation of the immune system and inflammatory processes in the body. That is why we recommend taking vitamin D as a dietary supplement, especially in the winter months and especially during the pandemic.

Omega-3 fatty acids The essential fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are the most important omega-3 fatty acids. They are not only important for brain and heart function, but also have an anti-inflammatory effect and cause inflammation to resolve more quickly. These fatty acids also cause a lower cytokine response ("cytokine storm"). With regard to COVID-19, numerous intervention studies with EPA and DHA for prevention and therapy are ongoing. There is still little data, but these indicate that people with higher omega-3 levels have a lower risk of developing severe COVID-19 or dying from it than those with lower levels. The so-called HS-Omega-3 Index® is measured in the red blood cells with a special analysis and should ideally be between 8 and 11%. In this country, values ​​are often measured that are far too low, since omega-3 fatty acids are mainly found in oily sea fish or krill, which are rarely on our menu.

Magnesium There are now over 800 known reactions in the body that require the essential mineral magnesium as a co-factor! Not only is it important for the nervous system, muscle function and bone health, but it also plays an anti-inflammatory role. There is also a widespread lack of magnesium.

Zinc The trace element zinc has a regulating effect on the innate immune system. This offers a first line of defense against pathogens before the adaptive immune system then produces antibodies and T cells in a targeted manner. In the monocytes, which belong to the leukocytes (white blood cells), a special metabolic pathway is activated, which plays an important role in the defense against germs. At the same time, however, there is also increased formation of a zinc transporter, which in turn promotes the absorption of zinc in the cell membrane. It is believed that regulation of the trace element zinc can prevent excessive inflammation.

Artemisia annua An antiviral activity of the Artemisia plant has already been proven in numerous studies. So far, over 240 different secondary plant substances have been isolated and detected in the leaf tips, including artemisinin. The medicinal plant and the artemisinin it produces have been used successfully for over 2000 years to treat a number of diseases (not just viral), especially malaria. In 2005, a study showed that Artemisia annua is also effective against SARS-CoV-1, the pathogen responsible for the SARS outbreak in 2002-2003. In addition, both Artemisia leaves with all of their active compounds and artemisinin alone have been shown to reduce levels of the inflammatory cytokines interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha in vivo. As previously mentioned, these cytokines can be problematic during the "cytokine storm". The results of a recent study suggest that the active component in Artemisia annua leaves is likely something other than artemisinin, or a combination of components that work synergistically to block viral infection once it has entered. It therefore makes sense to use the leaves as a whole and not to isolate individual active ingredients. In our opinion, Artemisia is a safe, effective and inexpensive alternative to the vaccines.

Eat a balanced diet and drink a lot

Even if you take vital substances as a dietary supplement to support your immune system, it is still imperative to still pay attention to a healthy diet! Eat as balanced and varied a diet as possible and give preference to plant-based foods. If possible, use seasonal and regional products and pay attention to organic quality. On the other hand, you should avoid products with granulated sugar or greatly reduce their consumption. Many people, especially older people, drink too little. In general, it is recommended to consume around 2 liters of liquid every day. In certain situations, however, the fluid requirement can increase significantly. Especially in winter with the often dry heating air, but also at high temperatures or during sporting activities, the body urgently needs to be hydrated. The immune system is also directly affected by dehydration (lack of fluids). When there is a lack of water, the body releases histamine so that the water that is still available is retained in the body and not excreted. The activity of the immune system is impeded in the bone marrow by histamine-sensitive white blood cells and the immune system is suppressed, and less functional antibodies are formed. Drink even if you don't (yet) feel thirsty. If the body reacts with a feeling of thirst, this is actually already an alarm signal; this then already has a fluid deficit. Also make sure that you supply your body with liquid at regular intervals and drink unsweetened beverages. Get creative and find your (new) favorite drinks.

Get exercise (in the fresh air if possible)

Our bodies are made for movement; a physically active lifestyle is also important for the immune system. A light endurance training, with at best three to four training units per week, is ideal for the body to support the immune system. Even people who have a weakened immune system can achieve a positive effect through moderate training. Choose a sport that suits you and that you enjoy so that you stick with it in the long term. It is best to choose a sport that you can practice outdoors in nature, even in the cold season. Because nature, fresh air and daylight promote our well-being and the function of the immune system! Yes, even just a 30-minute walk does a lot more for general well-being than struggling in the fitness center. A healthy balance between training and recovery is also crucial and achieves the best effect in the long term.

Also consider your mental health

It has been proven that constant stress (distress, i.e. negative stress) damages our immune system! We are challenged all year round, in this time of crisis even more than usual, and often forget to give ourselves a break. Especially in a stressful everyday life, breaks have to be planned, otherwise they won't take place. Why don't you enter such feel-good moments in the agenda like all other commitments? Find out what is good for you. A walk in the woods? A cup of tea by candlelight? Reading a good book? A relaxing bath? It doesn't always have to be hours! Even if you can regularly schedule half an hour that you consciously spend in a way that improves your well-being, it can work wonders. Incidentally, fear and negative thoughts also have an extremely negative effect on the immune system! Therefore, try to get your fears and dark thoughts under control; talk to someone about it or seek professional help if necessary. During this time, consciously avoid an excessive flood of information from the media, which can unsettle, worry or scare you. Such a “continuous shower” of negative content can weaken your immune system. Inform yourself, but purposefully! Consciously look for positive news and engage in good thoughts. Gratitude, but also a willingness to forgive, also have a positive effect on our health. Become aware of all the good things and develop gratitude for them and forgive as quickly as possible. You will quickly feel how good it is for you.

Our statement on the COVID-19 vaccination

As a public health center, we are obliged to follow the instructions of the Health Department of the Canton of Zurich, the BAG and the Medical Association of the Canton of Zurich. However, since a vaccination can also be understood as physical injury in the broadest sense, we have to leave the decision for or against a vaccination to each individual patient. Some scientists had access to the Biontec/Pfizer documents that they had submitted to the FDA (US health authority). In it, the short-term side effects were significantly higher than with a flu vaccination. As for the long-term side effects, we may not be able to make a judgment for a few months. The important phase 3 clinical studies in humans were carried out in an extremely short time or not at all before approval. Patients with allergies and autoimmune diseases as well as immunocompromised people should certainly wait for the time being. It is also important to mention that the manufacturers reject any responsibility for possible vaccine damage and the governments have accepted this in the contracts.

We hope that these tips have been of help to you and we sincerely wish you good health!

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